Did the Pandemic make You read More or Less?

When times get rough, I grab a book. I either read a romance, fantasy or sci-fi book to distract myself and relax. Or I grab a non-fiction book to learn more about the problem that bothers me or help with my mental health. However, over the past year, I read several bloggers who said they couldn’t read because of the stress the pandemic caused them. Their plight reminded me that I had several times in my life where I could not find a book to read. I ignored the pandemic a little because of a health condition. However, I currently Read More

How To Eat A Frog And Other Productivity Strategies

“Eat That Frog!” – that title and the books blue cover with its cute frog did it for me. I simply had to have this book. For years I was struggling with my unorganised, procrastinating self. I did a lot but never seemed to get anywhere. Not that I have managed to change that much since I’ve read the book. I need a reminder, and lucky you, to recap, I review it for you 😉

Seven Ways to Choose a Book for Reading

In my life, I had times when I couldn’t find anything to read. What I read previously did not interest me anymore. And I hadn’t found other authors, series or genres that I would like to read then. In these times, I often asked myself how I used to choose the books I was reading and how I should do it then. You probably think that’s quite a first world problem to be bothered about, and you are right. However, I love reading and not finding anything that interested me bothered me a lot! I recently discovered audiobooks and am Read More

Book, E-Book or Audiobook ~ What Do You Prefer?

When I grew up, there were only books. You either bought them, or you went to the library and borrowed them. And, of course, you shared them with friends and family. You had two sorts of books: Hardcover and Paperback. And that was it. Then the invention of the world wide web changed reading forever. But which do you prefer? You’ll find my thoughts on this topic in this post.

Good evening, Bonsoir, Goede Avond and Guten Abend ~ A Twilight Post

My blog ~ the recipe to learn using a language? An experiment… This post takes part in the wonderful Eugi’s weekly prompt. This week we are invited to get creative with “Twilight”. You can find the prompt and suggestions on how to take part here. You also find other beautiful bloggers post links. Please have fun exploring. Good Evening dear readers, how are you? Is it twilight where you are? It is here. Now that the days become shorter again I watch the evening sky go darker earlier and earlier. Not that it makes much difference yet. But it will Read More

Why I Love This Siddhartha Book

Disclaimer: This post uses an affiliate link to Hive Books. It is marked. Unmarked links have no affiliation. Affiliate links are free to click on but if you buy something I get a share. Title: Siddhartha Author: Hermann Hesse Published: Published December 1st 1981 by Bantam Books (first published 1922) Genre: Fiction, Spirituality,  Rating: 5 Lemonades  Siddhartha Summary: Siddhartha is a young prince who leaves behind a life of privilege to find spiritual fulfilment. In his search, he experiences everything life has to offer. Siddhartha goes from the ascetic to non-spiritual of a traders life and back. But does he find what he is looking for? Read More

The Pursuit of Happiness

Disclaimer: This post uses an affiliate link to Hive Books. It is marked. Unmarked links have no affiliation. Affiliate links are free to click on but if you buy something I get a share. Eugi from Eugi’s Causerie invited us this week to write about the topic of happiness. She offers a weekly prompt that we might work with in any creative but family-friendly way we choose. Thanks, Eugi for this thought-provoking topic that inspired this post:  Not being happy was my default way of being Do you think a lot about happiness? About your own and your family’s? I do. Read More

3 Things I Wish Someone Told My Younger Self

Disclaimer: This post uses an affiliate link to Hive Books. It is marked. Unmarked links have no affiliation. If you have teenagers at home who challenge and delight you, you might be forced to remember how it was for you to grow up. Have you had a great time and were supported by the people around you? Or was it a struggle to be heard and to find your identity? Teenage Misery For me, being a teenager meant dysfunctional family communication, high expectations and pressure from society. It made my life a misery. Mental Health wasn’t a thing back in Read More

Just A Short Update

Disclaimer: This post uses an affiliate link to Hive Books. Hello ladies, how are you? I hope your life rocks and rolls along well and if not that you have all the support you need. I suffer a little from imposter syndrome I just wanted to let you know that all is well here. I am only suffering a little from imposter syndrome. Why on earth should my writing interest anyone? And how can I keep up writing with my job and life and everything? Well, of course, it can’t interest anyone if I do not write or post. Duh, Read More