Blue Saturday?

Apparently, last Monday was the saddest day of the year. But if we can believe National Today some travel people created it as a PR stunt. What a surprise. I never understood why a random day should be sad. For me, the saddest days are in July and August because that’s when many of my close family members passed over. January is more cheerful because I am happy to slowly see the light coming back. But I haven’t been on holiday for years and do not know when I would book any. But probably not on January 17th. Today isn’t Read More

Is it all about the money?

Two weeks ago I stumbled over Claire Zammit on Instagram and her free online course “Unlock your feminine power” which happened last week. My intuition told me it’s worth checking it out and so I did. I simply listened to the recording as the course happened at some ungodly time here in the UK. It was a very enlightening course though and many things she taught correspond to my experience. However, in the end, all these free courses are simply a way to get people to sign up to pay for courses which to my mind are usually horrendously expensive. Read More

My New Reading Project: All Is One by Ren Koi

Consciousness fascinates me. How on Earth did humans manage to become aware that they are and are stones or chicken aware too? Just because they communicate in different ways (yes I assume even stones communicate somehow) and we do not understand their communication doesn’t mean they aren’t conscious. So when this book crossed my path on NetGalley All is One by Ren Koi I thought I’d give it a go and learn something. Unfortunately, I read it on my phone and the format is a little like a pdf file which makes reading rather difficult. The writing is small and Read More

The Writing Prompt, That Keeps Giving

Hello all you lovely people, I hope you are well and can enjoy this Saturday. Also, I hope if you have to work today that your shift is as busy or as quiet as you need it. It’s been a while since I did the last “Let’s Listen and Write” writing prompt. My husband and I had to take a huge decision on how we wanted to move ahead with our lives and my writing mojo simply dried up. I had these spells all through my writing life and usually am beating myself up about it. However, in these last Read More

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a Happy, New Year. May it be an auspicious experience for you. I heard a great quote yesterday in the film “The Protégé”: “Noone is as deaf as someone who doesn’t want to listen.” The Protégé I thought that is a great reminder for 2022 to integrate some silence in our lives to let wisdom occur. And for you language buffs out there: Happy New Year is “Frohes Neues Jahr” in German “Bonne année” in French And “Gelukkig nieuwjaar” in Dutch Happy listening and remember: You can do it! Liz

“Quickwater Oracles” by Ruth Thompson (e-ARC review)

Title: Quickwater Oracles  Author: Ruth Thompson Publishing: 04/12/2021 Genre: Poetry, Spirituality Rating: 5 lemonades Thanks to NetGalley and Saddle Road Press for a free e-ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. Book Summary:  Ruth Thompson is a poet and Channel and shares many conversations with physical and non-physical beings in “Quickwater Oracles”. She uses her poetic voice to share with the reader what beings from other dimensional states want us to know. A world-view challenging reading experience.  “Quickwater Oracles” by Ruth Thompson  Whenever I write a book review, there is always a moment when I feel “I don’t know what I could say about this Read More

Let’s listen and write (30th October 2021)

Happy Saturday all you lovely people out there. Can you believe that it’s already Halloween? At least for me, this year has sped by. But what better time to write a story. And “Let’s Listen & Write” is a wonderful prompt to use anytime. It is brilliant to get you started with any writing or blogging project you have. So please get your pens, pencils or keyboards out and join us in a little writing adventure. This is a stream of consciousness writing prompt so grammar does not matter. You just write what comes to your mind. Nothing matters that Read More

I May Be Wrong By Bjoern Natthiko Lindeblat (eARC review)

I thank NetGalley and Bloomsbury Publishing Plc (UK & ANZ) for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review. Title: I May Be Wrong Author(s): Bjoern Natthiko Lindeblat (Caroline Bankler & Navid Modiri) Publishing Date: 17 February 2022 Genre: Memoir, non-fiction, self-help, Health, Mind & Body  Rating: 4 Lemonades Great Read Book Summary: Bjoern Lindeblat always felt that there is more to life than just to earn money. He also had different experiences of spiritual awakening. And he listens to his intuition which leads him at the age of 26 to a forest monastery in Thailand. He spent several years there as a Buddhist forest monk, after Read More

Happy Wordless Wednesday all!

Find out more about Tara, her books and her music here on her page. Please visit the Comedy Plus blog to find more beautiful Wordless Wednesday posts or leave the link to your own Wordless Wednesday post. Good vibes your way and remember: You can do it!

What Are You Currently Reading?

Hello, reading folks out there. How are you on this lovely afternoon? I thought today I share with you what I am currently reading and invite you to share what you are reading. Many moons ago I took part in a meme called “Teaser Tuesday” where people shared one sentence of the book they were reading. No idea, if it still exists. I did google it and followed a couple of links but they didn’t seem to lead anywhere. I loved it because it made me curious about the books that were shared. So I thought I might start something Read More