Just A Short Update

Hello ladies, how are you? I hope your life rocks and rolls along well and if not that you have all the support you need. I suffer a little from imposter syndrome I just wanted to let you know that all is well here. I am only suffering a little from imposter syndrome. Why on earth should my writing interest anyone? And how can I keep up writing with my job and life and everything? Well, of course, it can’t interest anyone if I do not write or post. Duh, Liz, get on with it. And keeping up? That I Read More

The Day The Rains Came Down…

Hello, all you lovely ladies, how are you? I hope you and yours are well and if not that you get all the support you need. It is the first May holiday in the UK, and we have “typical” bank holiday weather: It is raining, and it’s rather windy. However, I am pretty happy about it. It hasn’t rained for over a month which means the soil here in the area is absolutely dry and cracked. It will need a lot of rain to give the plants what they need. It always amazes me how a situation can be seen Read More

Work In Progress

Hello everybody and happy Sunday despite everything. I hope you can enjoy a quiet day and if you have to work, that it is as busy or quiet as it works for you. I apologise for all the changes and no content in the last couple of days. Not sure what drove me to try out a self-hosted WordPress page. Also, am not sure if it’s a good move. However, I am a curious person and feel it is great fun to try out new things. So far I am not happy with the themes I have found and the Read More

Liberating on Wordless Wednesday

Happy Wordless Wednesday out there in the wild, wild depths of the blogosphere 😉 . Today I make it nearly wordless 😉 I believe we have to liberate our minds first before we can make any changes in society. What do you think? If you want to learn more about Angela Davis check out this podcast on Latino Media Collective. And if you are interested in Angela Davis’s writing and philosophy check out Women, Culture & Politics at the Hive.co.uk online book shop. Please visit the Comedy Plus blog to find more beautiful Wordless Wednesday posts or leave the link Read More

I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me That 20 Years Ago

Happy Tuesday, all of you lovely people. Does your week rock? I hope so and if not that you find all the support you need. Last week I got a little into my procrastinating mind. I had hoped so much, I was over that. For a long time, I managed to just get on with my tasks and goals, but last week my inner critic got the upper hand and hit hard. All the unhelpful thinking loops that bother me for years turned up out of nowhere: “Your writing is sh..”, “You tried before, you can’t keep this up” and Read More

Happy Monday To You All

Hello, out there, all you lovely people of the blogosphere. How are you today? I hope you and yours are well. I also hope you have a cup of your favourite beverage (yes you can drink wine out of a mug 😉 ) and allow yourself a moment to rest and gather yourself. I know, this sounds counter-intuitive on a Monday when we are supposed to be revved up for another week of trials and tribulations. But my experience is in the midst of chaos to sit and rest brings about clarity and most of all starts a new week Read More

Just Do It?

Hello out there, all you lovely ladies. It’s good to see you :-). Please sit down, with your favourite hot or cold drink and enjoy a moment of quiet reflection. It will be brief today :-). Last week I promised you to share a couple of my life lemons and some of the solutions . However, I have some trouble to concentrate at the moment. The sun is shining outside. The sky is light blue and some clouds are spreckled all over it. The birds are singing and nature calls me to come outside. I am trying to write this Read More

Thinking on Wordless Wednesday

Hello out there, how is life where you are? I very much hope you and yours are well and that you are getting some freedoms back. And if you are still kept safe with lock-downs that you can make the most of your spare time. If you have it. I am always surprised how the news and other tv programs assume that “we all are stuck at home”. Well, we aren’t. Cleaners, shop workers, hospital staff, police, fire men and women and many more didn’t have the luxury of furlough or working from home. And while I can understand that Read More

Life Lemons & Possible Solutions (free download)

Hello ladies, how are you? I hope you have lots of lemonade available instead of lemons in this incredible time. And if you lack the recipes like me then please come along for the ride to find them. 🙂 Being mindful can create action Last week, I pondered why we can’t simply be without achieving anything. I shared some of my thoughts about Mindfulness something I am practising for a couple of years. It certainly has changed my life for the better but there are some things left that I haven’t figured out yet. “Simply being” helps me to accept Read More

Being a Lady on Wordless Wednesday

Hello ladies, how are you today? I hope this week finds you well and motivated and if not, that you get all the support you need to turn the week around. 🙂 Ah, I feel I cheated a little so far with “Wordless Wednesday”. Well, not because I use quite a lot of words for my posts but because I haven’t used my own photos. I have a thing for the sky and believe no matter where we are in our life that the sky is the limit. So I am going to share sky photos with motivating quotes from now Read More