Let’s listen and write (9th October 2021)

Happy Saturday all you story writers and -tellers out there. I hope you had a wonderful week and can enjoy a weekend. And if you have to work then I wish you a shift that is as busy or quiet as you need. I’ll be out for work too so I scheduled this weekly writing Read More

Where has”The MultiLingual Poetry Appreciation Group” gone? (Free Download)

Life is constant change. We had decided to downsize and wanted to do it rather fast. But then the shortages happened and we thought maybe it would be better to wait for a little. So while we started the downsize action I put blogging on the backburner. Yes, I had plans for the blog. And Read More

The Magic Of Mondays

Happy new week everyone! I send you the magic of Mondays. And what might THAT be? It’s a new beginning. Simply! You have gained experience last week which you can use to create a better one this week. Maybe you’ll learn that there is no point in crying over spilt beans. Let go of what’s Read More

If We Had A Lemonade… Sunday 2nd, October 2021

Happy #WeekendCoffeeShare all you lovely people. How are you? Please come in have a lemonade, tea, coffee or hot chocolate and have some cake. I have recently tried to bake cakes again. I started with a Gugelhupf and then used that recipe to adjust it for what Germans call “Marmorkuchen”. A marble cake in English Read More

Let’s listen and write (2nd October 2021)

Happy Saturday everybody. Can you believe it, it is already October? Well, it is and I find it is a good month to write some stories. This writing prompt is brilliant to get you started with any writing or blogging project you have. So please get your pens, pencils or keyboards out and join us Read More