A Purple Moon & Apple Pie

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Dear all, 

I hope you are well and we’ll meet on Tuesday at mine. You can find Eugi’s prompt from this week here:

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Purple Moon – August 26, 2021 – Eugi’s Causerie (amanpan.com) I suggest we try our hands at a haiku too. What do you think?

Yours Gertrud

The bell rang and Gertrud put the plate with cinnamon apple pie on the living room table. Four cups and plates of the blue and white coffee set sat neatly on. They looked like flower petals around the yellow of the apple pie. 

Gertrud walked to the door and opened it and three voices shouted: “Happy Tuesday Gertrud! Thanks for your invitation”. Her three friends entered one after the other and hugged her. She took Marjory’s Jean Jacket, Beatrice’s deep red woollen Shawl and Marijke’s colourful cardigan and hanged them neatly on the clothes hangers at the right of the oak wood house door. Beatrice stayed behind while the other two sat down on the sofa and asked: “You ok?” Gertrud just nodded. Beatrice kept looking at her. “What?” “I know how hard this time of the year is for you. Are you sure you are ok?” Gertrud sighed: “I am. Honestly. The St. Johnswort tea Marijke brought last time does help a lot. And I’ve been gardening a lot too!” Beatrice hugged her again and went to the living room too. Gertrud followed her. She poured coffee into Marjory’s mug and Earl Grey into the others. They had already helped themselves to apple pie. “I can’t believe you hate English food but make the best English apple pie I’ve ever eaten!” mumble Marjory with her mouth still full. Marijke giggled. “Let’s hope you are good to us next time and buy a cake. We have enough of your baking “experiments” Marjory sputtered a little pie out laughing. “I promise” she answered and took a sip of the coffee. “Ok ladies,” Gertrud said. “How did the syllable counting go?” Beatrice brushed a strand of her black hair out of her face and said: “It is not a very French poetry form. It was hard.” “And we Dutch do not appreciate the Haiku particularly,” said Marijke. “It was hard!” “Thanks for trying anyway!” answered Gertrud before Marjory could say anything. “Ah, you know I love them” she fell in before Gertrud could go on. “I like this brief poetry form but find it difficult too. An “on” isn’t a syllable and so it feels somehow wrong to use this form.” Marjory looked at her over her cup and shook her head. Gertrud waved at her: “I know, I know… a bit more laizer-faire could do me good. You said it often enough!” Marjory leaned back into the sofa and cited:

“A purple moon shines

No matter our deep doubts

life is creation”

Despite herself, Gertrud clapped with the others and said:” Well, done despite the “deep doubts”. “Well, it seems Haiku work ok with English and German, doesn’t it?” “Yes, it does. Shall I do mine?” “Please” Gertrud friends answered.

Die Bienen tanzen (the bees dance)

ueber den neuen Pflanzen (over new plants)

Lila Mond sinkt schnell (purple moon sinks fast)

“Not bad” Beatrice smiled at her. The others nodded in agreement. “I go next then:

une lune violette se trouve (A purple moon lies)

maussade dans les cieux (sullenly in the heavens)

une feuille tombe (A leaf is falling)

The syllables didn’t work fully but French haiku are a little more relaxed!”. Beatrice took a bite from the apple pie and waited. “French is such a beautiful language,” said Gertrud “but it doesn’t quite work with Haiku, I admit”. Marijke agreed while Marjory stood up and walked outside the door. Gertrud raised an eyebrow but when she heard the toilet door go and the other two started giggling she just scrunched her nose. “children’s bladder” she mumbled. Beatrice and Marijke laughed out loud:” We need to bring her nappies when we see her next week!” Gertrud said nothing but simply shook her head while Marjory came back. “What do you bring me next week?” she asked. “Nothing!” 

“Ok, one more and we can get to the wine. You have wine for us, Gertrud, don’t you?” Marijke asked. “Of course, we just had a new delivery” All looked delighted and Marijke cited:

“de diep paarse maan (the deep purple moon)

maakt me nu gek (is driving me crazy now)

Een storm is op komst (A storm is coming)

the syllables didn’t work either but I like its curiousness.” But the others were already up to bring the plates and cups away and get the wine glasses.

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Happy reading & writing

and remember:

You can do it!


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