Affiliated (disclosure)

One lemon in my life is not earning enough to pay the bills. It has always been my dream to create an income with writing & blogging. For many years I read up on “professional” blogging, as well as, affiliate marketing, but I never felt confident enough to try it out. Also, I have a problem with the “big” earners like Amazon Affiliates or the Google Ads program. However, I also want to share information about businesses & pages I believe in and if sharing can earn you, them & me a little, why not go for it?

I do not want to cover my blog with banners. I find them rather irritating even if they might be very effective in earning. What I want to try is creating content and add affiliate links that match. Also, I try to mainly work with products I either do or would use myself. This is an exciting new adventure and I hope to give you some good advice and information that might make your life easier.

What are affiliate links?

An affiliate link is a normal URL with added information like the affiliates ID. It usually tracks the traffic that comes from the page it on to the affiliated business/program. This way commissions can be given to the affiliate.

So, here you can find out information about the programs I support. If I use an affiliate link in a post I let you know. They are free to click on but if you buy something I get a share. If you have any questions please let me know via my contact page.

1. (books) via WebGains

I have joined the affiliate program via the WebGains page in May 2021. You probably know, that I like to add book suggestion to my posts for further reading. I will change the current un-affiliated links over time and add a disclaimer to the post, so you know. is a business that supports independent high street book shops in the UK. After you bought something you can choose which book shop you want to support and they get a share of your money. The affiliate link will give me a share too but there will also be offers for you. Clicking on the link is free. However, if you choose to buy something I get a commission.