How To Eat A Frog And Other Productivity Strategies

“Eat That Frog!” – that title and the books blue cover with its cute frog did it for me. I simply had to have this book. For years I was struggling with my unorganised, procrastinating self. I did a lot but never seemed to get anywhere. Not that I have managed to change that much since I’ve read the book. I need a reminder, and lucky you, to recap, I review it for you 😉

Book, E-Book or Audiobook ~ What Do You Prefer?

When I grew up, there were only books. You either bought them, or you went to the library and borrowed them. And, of course, you shared them with friends and family. You had two sorts of books: Hardcover and Paperback. And that was it. Then the invention of the world wide web changed reading forever. But which do you prefer? You’ll find my thoughts on this topic in this post.

Why I Love This Siddhartha Book

Disclaimer: This post uses an affiliate link to Hive Books. It is marked. Unmarked links have no affiliation. Affiliate links are free to click on but if you buy something I get a share. Title: Siddhartha Author: Hermann Hesse Published: Published December 1st 1981 by Bantam Books (first published 1922) Genre: Fiction, Spirituality,  Rating: 5 Lemonades  Siddhartha Summary: Siddhartha is a young prince who leaves behind a life of privilege to find spiritual fulfilment. In his search, he experiences everything life has to offer. Siddhartha goes from the ascetic to non-spiritual of a traders life and back. But does he find what he is looking for? Read More