A Purple Moon & Apple Pie

From: Gertrud.Weinstein@ gmail.com To: Bea.Lagare@ gmail.com, Majory231@ gmail.com, Marijke.Muskatpompoen@ gmail.com Subject: Eugi’s Weekly Prompt Dear all,  I hope you are well and we’ll meet on Tuesday at mine. You can find Eugi’s prompt from this week here: Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Purple Moon – August 26, 2021 – Eugi’s Causerie (amanpan.com) I suggest we try our hands at a haiku too. What do you think? Yours Gertrud The bell rang and Gertrud put the plate with cinnamon apple pie on the living room table. Four cups and plates of the blue and white coffee set sat neatly on. They looked like Read More

Meet The “Multi-Lingual Poetry Appreciation Group”

This post answers to Eugi’s weekly prompt which is “Midnight”: “Bonsoir, mes cheres,” said Beatrice, the French host of this weeks poetry club meeting, when all four middle-aged ladies were assembled in her garden room. Marjory sat as usual on the thick wooden plant shelf with her back towards the windows into Beatrice’s impeccable garden. Beatrice smiled as she remembered Marjory entering the room for their first meeting of the MuPAG short for “multi-lingual poetry appreciation group”. Marjory just looked outside in disgust, moved a flower pot to the side and sat down facing the room. She never said a Read More

Good evening, Bonsoir, Goede Avond and Guten Abend ~ A Twilight Post

My blog ~ the recipe to learn using a language? An experiment… This post takes part in the wonderful Eugi’s weekly prompt. This week we are invited to get creative with “Twilight”. You can find the prompt and suggestions on how to take part here. You also find other beautiful bloggers post links. Please have fun exploring. Good Evening dear readers, how are you? Is it twilight where you are? It is here. Now that the days become shorter again I watch the evening sky go darker earlier and earlier. Not that it makes much difference yet. But it will Read More