Is it all about the money?

Two weeks ago I stumbled over Claire Zammit on Instagram and her free online course “Unlock your feminine power” which happened last week. My intuition told me it’s worth checking it out and so I did. I simply listened to the recording as the course happened at some ungodly time here in the UK. It was a very enlightening course though and many things she taught correspond to my experience. However, in the end, all these free courses are simply a way to get people to sign up to pay for courses which to my mind are usually horrendously expensive. Read More

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a Happy, New Year. May it be an auspicious experience for you. I heard a great quote yesterday in the film “The Protégé”: “Noone is as deaf as someone who doesn’t want to listen.” The Protégé I thought that is a great reminder for 2022 to integrate some silence in our lives to let wisdom occur. And for you language buffs out there: Happy New Year is “Frohes Neues Jahr” in German “Bonne année” in French And “Gelukkig nieuwjaar” in Dutch Happy listening and remember: You can do it! Liz

What Are You Currently Reading?

Hello, reading folks out there. How are you on this lovely afternoon? I thought today I share with you what I am currently reading and invite you to share what you are reading. Many moons ago I took part in a meme called “Teaser Tuesday” where people shared one sentence of the book they were reading. No idea, if it still exists. I did google it and followed a couple of links but they didn’t seem to lead anywhere. I loved it because it made me curious about the books that were shared. So I thought I might start something Read More

Not gone anywhere…

Happy, new week to all of you out there in the depths of life and whatever else there might be. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I have just spent about three hours trying to write a post about reality and how we perceive it. It was utter beepbeepbeep. Sorry, I just can’t get anywhere today. So I thought I simply share the couple of sources I was reading and watching and leave you with a quote 🙂 “There is no reality, there is only hallucination. Reality is hallucination we agree on.” ― Abhijit Naskar, Karadeniz Chronicle: Read More

It’s The Small Changes That Matter

Happy Wordless Wednesday all 🙂 An interesting outlook on how small changes can affect us all by his holiness the Dalai Lama This post takes part in Wordless Wednesday over at Comedy Plus. Please head over and find many more beautiful posts or take part in the link-up. Happy Wordless Wednesday and remember: You can do it!

The Magic Of Mondays

Happy new week everyone! I send you the magic of Mondays. And what might THAT be? It’s a new beginning. Simply! You have gained experience last week which you can use to create a better one this week. Maybe you’ll learn that there is no point in crying over spilt beans. Let go of what’s passed and what’s out of your control. Rather allow yourself to use that worry energy for actions that are in your control. Like how you see a situation for example. I know we are continuously told that this is too much for us and that Read More

If We Had A Lemonade… Sunday 2nd, October 2021

Happy #WeekendCoffeeShare all you lovely people. How are you? Please come in have a lemonade, tea, coffee or hot chocolate and have some cake. I have recently tried to bake cakes again. I started with a Gugelhupf and then used that recipe to adjust it for what Germans call “Marmorkuchen”. A marble cake in English I think. It was lovely even though I used date sugar instead of normal sugar. I am so excited to meet you and have a chat. If we had a lemonade I would tell you that we haven’t come much further with our downsizing action. Read More

If We Had A Lemonade… Sunday 26th, September 2021

Oh dear! It’s one more month and I am 51. How did that happen???? We have used the last week to start downsizing our home. So for today’s #WeekendCoffeeShare from the lovely Natalie, I am keeping it short. I can’t share too much yet. But please come in have a lemonade, tea, coffee or hot chocolate and have some biscuits. Yes, the date and walnut ones 🙂 I am not bothered by my age. To be honest, despite the major health issue last year I feel better than ever before. But I do wonder, how on earth all this time Read More

If We Had A Lemonade… Sunday 19th, September 2021

Hi there, sorry I am not capeable of writing much private stuff today. It was my husband’s 60th birthday yesterday and we had a party. But the lovely Natalie invited us to her #WeekendCoffeeShare and I simply cannot resist it. So please come in have a lemonade, tea, coffee or hot chocolate and have some left-over birthday cake. Sorry. I do not like to throw away left-overs so here we go 🙂 . It’s a lovely chocolate cake though 😉 I have to admit that I am sometimes a little like the old blokes from the Muppet Show: When I Read More

If We Had A Lemonade… Sunday 12th, September 2021

Bonjour dear readers, and happy Sunday despite everything. The lovely Natalie again so kindly invited us to her #WeekendCoffeeShare. Please come in have a lemonade, tea, coffee or hot chocolate and have some date and walnut biscuits. I never liked dates when I was younger but when the husband made a date and walnut bread a couple of years ago I totally fell for the combination. Then I experimented with my basic cookie recipe and I loved it too. I found the original recipe on a blog many many moons ago but lost the card where I wrote down the Read More