Do you read poetry?

Post Title 3rd September 2021

Hello dear readers, how are you today? I hope you and yours are well and if not that you find all the support you need.

Today I want to tell you a little about my relationship with poetry books. A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you my “Three Go-To Books When Life Gets Rough“. One of them was a poetry book by Erich Fried. Poetry is something I love to read and write. Even though I am not sharing too much of it yet. And recently, I made it a habit to read one poem a day. At first, with a newsletter by, but these poems did not speak to me particularly. I suppose I prefer the poets of the 20th century and not so much modern ones.

Being off work for a year for health reasons gave me a lot of time to think about my life. This time to ponder made me realise that I grew up surrounded by poetry. We learned little children’s rhymes when we were younger, and my grandmother loved to recite poems she enjoyed. We had some children’s poems in our German books in my first year in school, which I absolutely adored. They made me laugh.

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One of my later teachers believed that learning poetry by heart is a good thing for the mind because it teaches it to remember things. He was very old-fashioned in this way, but I loved it reading some of the classic poems. By learning them by heart, I could experience their rhythm and imagining myself in the poem. I think my classmates thought me to be a little odd. Besides them teasing me a little, I never realised much of it though.

In my teens, I suddenly had some inspiration and wrote my own. They were very religious, which I find a little embarrassing now. I moved on from that LOL. In those days, I wrote more than read any. However, I was pondering to create a writing career and looked for tv programs and biographies about writers to learn more from them. Here I discovered several poets I still love to read: Erich Fried, Nelly Sachs, Else Lasker-Schueler and Sylvia Plath to name just a few. I borrowed poetry books of theirs here and there but still never thought of integrating reading poetry on a regular basis. Now I wish I had because there are so many books out there and so little time. I am getting old.

Now, I am on a journey to read more poetry because it enriches my life. I would love to explore new poets and started to wonder how other people experience poetry. Do you read Poetry? Or even write it? And how was your journey to discover poetry and its books?

Happy reading

and remember:

You can do it!


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    • Liz Halton says:

      Hi Cora, lovely to meet you. Sorry for my late answer but I work on Saturdays so I catch up on Sundays. I started a habit of reading a poem a day which helped me to encounter more poetry. Thanks for visiting and commenting 🤗

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