Exploring Yourself & Life with “The Gratitude Explorer Workbook” by Kristi Nelson (e-ARC review)

I thank NetGalley and Storey Publishing for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

Publishing Date: 23rd November 2021

Rating: Five Lemonades

 I was so excited when I got my first NetGalley read The Gratitude Explorer Workbook”. Its beautiful cover in different shades of orange, yellow and purple with little sparkles drew me directly to it. This is such a beautiful book for diving into the adventure of gratefulness with journaling prompts, meditations and self-exploration questions. Its colourful design and many motivating quotes make it a treasure to have on your bookshelf. 

First impression of “The Gratitude Explorer Workbook”

However, at first, I was a little at a loss at how to use the book. The introduction explains the practice of gratitude and how important it is for today’s busy lives. It doesn’t give any advice, though, on how to use it. But I got over it very fast. I flicked through the whole book to get an idea of its content and then picked what took my fancy. After working with it for two weeks, I realised that this is probably the best approach: explore as the title suggests.

Kristi Nelson divided The Gratitude Explorer Workbook” into three parts, which present different aspects of practising gratitude. They are “Become Present”, “Seek Perspective” & “Awaken Possibility”. In these parts, I found the suggested journaling prompts, meditations and simple questions to ponder when I rested with a cup of tea or coffee. To encourage me, Kristi added stars to add one each when I used any of the exercises. Of course, only if I’d had the “real book”. This feature didn’t appeal particularly to me. However, it is a viable way to encourage younger readers to work with the book and practise gratefulness. It might even get the inner child out in an adult. 

At the end, I found postcards with affirmations and quotes, book signs for easier access and the stars to stick at the exercises. I so love the design that works with different colours and reminds me of the art used in the Steiner philosophy. The font for the quotes and affirmation which go with the illustrations is quirky but flows in a rounded way. It made me want to see and feel the “proper” book, not just the e-version. 

cover source: Goodreads

Three parts offer suggestions on how to explore the practice of gratitude.

The three parts offer different aspects of gratitude exploration with a short explanation for each. Then it directly goes into the exercises and questions. It starts, for example, in “Becoming present” with questions like: ” Pausing for stillness, I am aware…” or “Tuning into my body, I notice…”. It then made space for me to write down my experience. But it also let me create a list of aspects I like about myself, for example.

“The Gratitude Explorer Workbook” is all about changing your attitude. So the second part, “Seek Perspective”, starts with an exercise to list five things you have to do and then cross the “I have to” out and change it into “I get to”. The exercise encouraged me to experience what difference this change in perspective makes to my life. I felt it gives such a relief not to feel so much obligation but rather many possibilities to experience life. There are many more explorations, but I won’t tell you more so you have all the fun to find out for yourself. 

I do not often give five lemonades to a book but this one fully deserves it.

I have never used many workbooks. The only other I know is “Singing in the Rain” by Rachel Kelly. While the style and topic are slightly different, the idea is the same. Both books give ideas and little exercises to create well-being. And “The Gratitude Explorer Workbook” gives you just that. I think you can work with it for a lifetime.

I feel “The Gratitude Explorer Workbook” is both for beginners & veterans of the practice. It is beautiful and offers easy to follow suggestions on how to explore yourself, gratitude and life. It is a beautiful present not only for others but also for yourself. “The Gratitude Explorer Workbook” is worth exploring and gratitude with it. I love it. I do not often give five lemonades to a book but this one fully deserves it.

Good vibes your way

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