If We Had A Lemonade… Sunday 12th, September 2021

If We Had A Lemonade

Bonjour dear readers, and happy Sunday despite everything.

The lovely Natalie again so kindly invited us to her #WeekendCoffeeShare. Please come in have a lemonade, tea, coffee or hot chocolate and have some date and walnut biscuits. I never liked dates when I was younger but when the husband made a date and walnut bread a couple of years ago I totally fell for the combination. Then I experimented with my basic cookie recipe and I loved it too.

Three Lemonades on a Table
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I found the original recipe on a blog many many moons ago but lost the card where I wrote down the recipe and where I got it from. I bake biscuits several days a week so I know the basics by heart:

125 gr butter or vegan spread

60-100 gr icing sugar or date sugar depending on how sweet you like your biscuits

150 gr flour

You mix the fat with the icing sugar until it’s fully blended and then add the flour. I do not cut the biscuits out. Needs much too long. That only happens when we’ll expect guests. I simply make a long roll with the dough and cut it into discs. That way I have easy rustic-looking biscuits.

It’s easier when you use butter than any vegan spread. Vegan spreads often get soft very easily and the dough roll is too sticky to handle easily. When I use vegan spread then I put the roll into the fridge for half an hour or so. I bake both versions between 10-15 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 200C. You see that they are done when the sides get a little dark.

If you like to work with batch production use double the recipe and freeze half of the roll. You can simply take it out of the freezer in the morning when you need new biscuits. After a couple of hours, it’s defrosted and easy to cut. But I have also taken it out half an hour before I needed it. Cutting was hard and it needed to bake about double the time but it worked too.

You can add spices to it, dried fruit, chocolate chips and oats. Roast some nuts or even use seeds. There are no limits to your imagination. Now unfortunately I can’t give you amounts for any of these. I just play around with it. All I can say is that using cinnamon, ground ginger, walnuts and dates is a favourite in our house. And what is baking in your house today?

This post takes part in Nathalie The Explorer’s #WeekendCoffeeShare. You can find her post for this week here and many more chatty posts in the comments.

Happy chatting

and remember:

You can do it!


4 thoughts on “If We Had A Lemonade… Sunday 12th, September 2021

  1. Gary A Wilson says:

    Hi Liz.

    I think, but am not sure that, you’re new to our coffee share. I’ve been part for going on 4 years now but am terrible with names and have to work at keeping them straight. Anyway, welcome!

    I’m one of the story tellers in the group and I use my blog as a free story collection sharing venue. I too disliked the idea of ads being arbitrarily dumped into my posts and pages when anyone was kind enough for view them.

    I finally decided to pay for enough of a plan that it prevents ads. So, I actually losing money by working my blog, but it’s not such a big deal as I treat it as a hobby and am always looking for ways to tell a better story, so I’m becoming a better writer by doing it right out there in front of whoever is willing to give my work a read.

    I focus on being entertaining without being raunchy and crude, funny and rowdy, but never more than G-rated and no F-bombs ever.

    Anyway, that’s me. I poked around your site some and enjoyed learning about the affiliate plan you’re part of. I could see maybe doing something like that some day because I’m not sure I’m ever going to have the will power needed to actually “publish” my work in either the normal or self-published sense.

    Good to meet you. Hope to see you around or find you exploring my collection some time.


    • Liz Halton says:

      Hi Gary, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Just had a short look on your blog. Life us happening here so mine has to wait a little. Am looking forward to read some of your stories and learn. Happy Tuesday 😊

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