If We Had A Lemonade… Sunday 5th, September 2021

If We Had A Lemonade

Hello everyone, how has your week been? Mine was quiet but I’ll tell you in a minute. First, let’s see what this post is all about:

The lovely Natalie has invited us to the #WeekendCoffeeShare. So please come in have a lemonade, tea, coffee or hot chocolate and an apple pie. I’ve made it, and it is with date sugar, so not too sweet. But feel free to grab an apple or a biscuit too.

Three Lemonades on a Table
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My week was quiet even though not as productive with writing as I had planned. I wanted to outline my Hokomaha story and write an episode on Thursday. However, the husband wasn’t well and the backyard beckoned to be weeded so I fell for that. It was a very satisfying experience to suddenly have a weed-free yard. We do not believe in weed killer so we need to be on our toes to keep the dandelion and grass down. On the upside, though our chicken got some treats and they thanked us with stronger egg production.

What wasn’t satisfying was listening to our neighbour moaning. He lives with his mum and I assume he might have some anger problem to deal with. My otherwise peaceful weeding was interrupted several times with wining and screaming that some thing or other should go in. No, not what you are thinking. He is a keen DIY enthusiast who loves Christmas. So I assume this year’s reindeer didn’t comply with his will. Or Santa decided to rather make more presents than being nailed to a piece of wood for later deploying on the front of their house. At Christmastime, aeroplanes to the nearby airport have trouble finding their way as our neighbours light pollution distracts every pilot coming our way. But that’s the topic for another post. The neighbours are otherwise ok. You can’t have everything I guess 😉

Do you still have enough to drink? Here have some more and feel free to help yourself 🙂

While I didn’t write as much as I had planned I managed to follow some more blogs and found a couple of interesting blog share posts on Twitter:

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So I spent Friday morning discovering blogs, reading blog posts and following those I know already on social media. I have to admit that I am a tad forgetful when it comes to posting on Facebook. Instagram and Twitter work ok, but I always feel a little like a show-off when I am on there. But on Friday it felt like I start to find my feet and maybe some more interaction than just sharing my blog posts.

That's sound advice and a beautiful blog!

7 Ways to Improve Writing and Studying Productivity. https://t.co/Nki2oxUMu8 via @herdigitalblog

— Lemons But No Lemonade Recipe (@ButLemons) September 3, 2021

I wanted to write about the weather like a good resident of the United Kingdom but the scenes of flooded New York underground and the news of deaths of residents of basement apartments made me reconsider. My thoughts went out to the families and friends who lost someone. At the same time, a memorial took place in Germany for the victims of earlier flooding there. I so wish we would have listened to scientists 30 years ago because let’s be honest: We all knew that the climate changes. We just thought it would come much later and it would be our children who had to deal with it. It’s time to get our behinds up and change our lifestyles fully to give them a chance of at least some sort of acceptable life. That is why you get only homemade oat milk at our house and we try to produce as much of our food ourselves as we can. I have to admit I can’t remember when I was last out for a meal or had a takeaway. But it’s easy for us as we both love cooking and baking.

So that was it from my end. How did you fare this week? And do you want to have some more lemonade 😉

This post takes part in Nathalie The Explorer’s #WeekendCoffeeShare. You can find her post for this week here and many more chatty posts in the comments.

Happy chatting

and remember:

You can do it!


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