Just A Short Update

Just a Short Update

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Hello ladies, how are you? I hope your life rocks and rolls along well and if not that you have all the support you need.

I suffer a little from imposter syndrome

I just wanted to let you know that all is well here. I am only suffering a little from imposter syndrome. Why on earth should my writing interest anyone? And how can I keep up writing with my job and life and everything? Well, of course, it can’t interest anyone if I do not write or post. Duh, Liz, get on with it. And keeping up? That I assume is a question of finding the right balance.

Looks like I was a little too keen to start with everything. Instead of following my original plan to keep it low and produce posts first and then start posting I just jumped in. The good news is, there are several posts in my draft folder that just wait to find their way out to you. And as this post shows, I simply learn how to shut up my inner critic and go ahead one post at a time.

A Couple Of Years Ago I Read Susan Jeffer’s “Feel Fear And Do It Anyway”

A couple of years ago I read a book by Susan Jeffers called “Feel Fear And Do It Anyway” (affiliate link). I have to admit that I can’t remember much besides one piece of advice: There are no good or bad decisions there are only different experiences. Or “opportunities for growth” as Susan Jeffers puts it.

When I read the book I thought about all the decisions that I made throughout my life. Some were better than others. None of them though killed me. In fact, the worse ones taught me more than the supposed “good” ones.

A “Less Good” Decision That Taught Me A Lot

I once let myself in with a partner whom I knew wasn’t good for me. He had a ton of issues of which he made no secret but he said nice things to me and it felt like he cared. It simply felt “right” to go with the flow and let him make the decisions.

The details of that relationships don’t matter. What matters is that I learned love does not heal or overcome everything. What matters is that I learned even living with bad depression I could find a way out and leave him behind.

I can’t say that this relationship was a “good” experience but it was an experience that made me grow and believe a little more in myself. I bet some decisions weren’t great in your life but if you look back on them you realise that they made you who you are. Plus they made you stronger too. Time doesn’t heal everything either, however, it gives you enough distance from your experiences to see them in a different light. A brighter light maybe that makes you realise how much this experience gave your life.

A Very Freeing Thought

I now remember some other bits of the book. Susan Jeffers says that labelling decisions as “good” or “bad” don’t help. It makes it look like there is only one outcome that works for us while in reality there is a whole bunch of opportunities that only wait for you to grab them and go for them.

This was a very freeing thought for me. The pressure of making the “right” decision was taken away from me and I could go more for what looked “interesting” or “promising”. But like everything in life in my opinion this change in thinking is a process. When it comes to this blog I fully fell back into my categorising of “the right way of blogging”.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not so much a question of “how people blog” but more a question of “How can I make it work for myself”. And the only thing I can say about that at the moment is: Simply do it! Get on with it, Liz, and stop overthinking. It will work out in the end but only if I allow myself to do what I love: write inspiring blog posts 🙂

No right or wrong decisions

If you would like to know more about what “Imposter Syndrome” can mean then please check out Connie’s blog “A Day During Corona” and her post “Let’s Talk About Imposter Syndrome“.

Do you suffer from “imposter syndrome”? And if, how do you deal with it? Is there a quote that always helps you? Please let us know. It might make all the difference in our life.

Happy Thursday despite everything.

Good vibes your way

and remember:

You can do it!


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