Let’s listen and write (4th September 2021)

Happy Saturday, all you lovely readers. I am ready for another story to emerge. How about you? Do you feel like writing just for fun? So please sit down and follow your inner storyteller’s lead. It doesn’t matter how long or short your story is. Grammar doesn’t matter either. The best stories are born in a stream of consciousness way. Here is the prompt:

I invite you to listen to your inner storyteller. Find a comfortable place with your writing pad, your laptop or with whatever you like to write. Light a candle or joss stick or simply open the window. Lean back in your seat and close your eyes. Imagine yourself in a beautiful glade. There is an old oak tree, and you slowly walk over, taking in the sounds and smells of the forest and river. Please sit down, and lean against the trunk of the oak. Then wait until your storyteller appears on the other side of the tree and starts telling you about…

Listen to your inner storyteller
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I’ve never been to the sea. When I first saw it, I zoomed in and out time and time again. Not like my fellow greys, who often do not like the water. My new two legs loved the beach and never stayed away for too long. Taking me to the beach was by far their biggest gift to me. Well, of course, getting me away from those two legs where I was born was bigger. I admit that. I still run to my safe place when a sound or image reminds me of it. Here, with my new two legs, I can run and do zoomies whenever I want. Not when I have to. They never hurt me. It needed me quite some time to understand that. My old two legs hit me daily. They hit me when I didn’t eat on time. They hit me when I wanted to play with my siblings. They hit me when I didn’t want to run. Being lots of us didn’t make a difference. We could have easily taken them down if only we knew about our strengths. But we never knew until we were taken by our new two legs. They showed us with their love and cuddles daily. Only sad thing is that I am not with my siblings anymore. But one of them lives close by and sometimes does zoomies with me at the beach. Two legs say: “Life is good at the beach” and I fully agree. As long as my siblings are in a happy place like mine, I do not mind them being far away. I have the beach and my new two legs. What else do I need?

That’s what my inner storyteller shared with me. And our rescue greyhound too 😉 . Please, feel free to join this little writing experiment and share your stories or links to your stories in the comments.

If you want to know more about rescuing an ex-racer greyhound check out these links:

Norfolk Greyhound Rescue

Animals Australia

Adopt A Greyhound US

Happy writing

and remember:

You can do it!


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