Let’s listen and write (25th September 2021)

Happy Saturday everybody. Please get your pens, pencils or keyboards out and join us in a little writing adventure. This is a stream of consciousness writing prompt so grammar does not matter. Also, not anything else that makes “good” writing. This prompt is just to have fun and enjoy a growing story. Of course, you are free to use it as the seed to a bigger work. So please, if you feel like it, let your inner storyteller write through you and share his or her story with us. Here is the prompt:

I invite you to listen to your inner storyteller. Find a comfortable place with your writing pad, your laptop or with whatever you like to write. Light a candle or joss stick or simply open the window. Lean back in your seat and close your eyes. Imagine yourself in a beautiful glade. There is an old oak tree, and you slowly walk over, taking in the sounds and smells of the forest and river. Please sit down, and lean against the trunk of the oak. Then wait until your storyteller appears on the other side of the tree and starts telling you about…

Listen to your inner storyteller
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“You are alive?”

I stood at the busy road where I first met Hannibal and couldn’t believe my eyes. He was back!

The previously impeccably clothed grey-haired man was a little worse for the wear but his blue eyes still made my heart beat out of rhythm. I swallowed and thought about his funeral. “Killed in Action” had the letter said “they” send me. And for the first time, I realised I didn’t know who “they” were he worked for. I never asked. No one was at the funeral. Just me and his closed coffin. “They” told me he was too disfigured. I should remember him as he was not as he died but they didn’t care to tell me how it happened.

And now… there he was.

I swallowed again to keep my tears from falling. “I am sorry!” Hannibal whispered. “I am sorry for all I put you through but it was necessary!” I took a step back and grabbed my handbag like it was a lifesaver. “You bastard” was all I could say and then I ran…

That’s what my inner storyteller shared with me. Please, feel free to join this little writing experiment and share your stories or links to your stories in the comments.

Happy writing

and remember:

You can do it!


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