Let’s listen and write (28th August 2021)

Happy Saturday, my dear readers. I hope you and yours are well and you have a moment to enjoy your life. I’ve been a bit quiet here recently because I still try to figure out how to fill this blog. I remembered how much I like to tell a story. I also thought of a writing prompt I used to do many years ago. So I put the prompt down in my own words and want to share it with you.

If you feel like it, let your inner storyteller write through you and share it with us. It doesn’t matter how long or short your story is. Grammar doesn’t matter either. The best stories are born in a stream of consciousness way. Here is the prompt:

I invite you to listen to your inner storyteller. Find a comfortable place with your writing pad, your laptop or with whatever you like to write. Light a candle or joss stick or simply open the window. Lean back in your seat and close your eyes. Imagine yourself in a beautiful glade. There is an old oak tree, and you slowly walk over, taking in the sounds and smells of the forest and river. Please sit down, and lean against the trunk of the oak. Then wait until your storyteller appears on the other side of the tree and starts telling you about…

Listen to your inner storyteller
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I never saw it coming. A huge black bird swooped down and blocked the path I was on. It crocked its head and stared at me with anthracite eyes. Which bird has anthracite eyes? Black maybe. Or brown. But anthracite? I tried to walk past it. To my right was a deep ravine dotted with rocks, small birch trees and the odd pine. I could hear the rustle of animals in the undergrowth. A little earlier, I had picked a handful of blueberries. To my left was a sheer wall of smooth rock. I wasn’t sure where this path leads. In the distance, the wolves were howling. Did it come from behind or further ahead? And now the wind picked up. It croaked. The bird tried to tell me something, but I didn’t understand. I never understood. No matter how hard I tried. That is why I had left everything behind to start afresh. I tried again to walk past the bird. It did not move. There was no space for me to squeeze by unless I wanted to jump down into the ravine. Where to go? If only I knew where to go…

That’s what my inner storyteller shared with me. Please, feel free to join this little writing experiment and share your stories or links to your stories in the comments.

Happy writing

and remember:

You can do it!


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