One Book To Conquer Low Self-Esteem?

Blog Post Title August 1st, 2021

Hello, all you lovely people. How are you? I hope you are well and do not live with low self-esteem. But if you do, try out this book to conquer and rise 😉 .

Title: Believe in Yourself ~ Boost Your Self-esteem and Feel Good in the Skin You’re in. 

Author: Jasmin Kirkbride

Published: 2016 via Summersdale Publishers Ltd

Genre: non-fiction, self-help

borrowed via Libby & local library

cover credit: Summersdale Publishing Ltd

Rating: 4 Lemonades

Book Summary: “Believe in Yourself” by Jasmin Kirkbride is a concise book in 9 chapters. It starts with an introduction on why it is so important to have healthy self-esteem. The first chapter explains the basic concepts of self-esteem and then shows steps to change from low to healthy belief in one’s worth. The chapters are short and easy to understand. Their messages are underlined with quotes and affirmations in stylish boxes between chapters. 

About Jasmin Kirkbride

Jasmin Kirkbride is well read and well written. With a MA in Ancient History from the Kings College London and a MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia, she uses her knowledge to teach others creative writing. But Kirkbride also writes fiction besides a series of non-fiction to boost your self-esteem and confidence. And she is funny. It says on her bio: “If found sleepy, apply Earl Grey tea.” Find out more here

I was excited to read this book because I struggle with my self-esteem for a long time.

I was excited to read this book. For several month’s now, I am pondering how low self-esteem is challenging my daily life. Many a therapy told me that I lived with it, but I never properly understood how it affected me. 

It’s not clear to me why this suddenly changed. Maybe decade-long journalling and pondering my own development has born fruit at last :-). I realised a couple of months ago that my first automatic thoughts in whatever I do are: “What you do is wrong/bad”, “You can’t manage/achieve this”, or “It’s your fault!”. These are the underlying thoughts of everything I try to do. And, boy, how can you live a happy life with that outlook? 

It puzzled me for a long time that I seem to know what I want to do but never find the energy and motivation to do it. I figured after finding these underlying thoughts: “Well, it’s no wonder you don’t get anywhere with your life if you feel like such an incompetent loser!” It might seem silly to you, but to me, it was like a lightning strike. This encouraged me to read up on how self-esteem works and how you can boost it. 

I found “Believe in Yourself” in my library app.

At this point, I checked out our library for books on self-esteem and self-worth via the Libby app. For all those who do not know it: It is an app from Overdrive that allows public libraries to offer e-books and audiobooks for free. You add your library card and then can borrow books with both. “Believe in Yourself” has a striking yellow book cover with clear lettering for the title, and it does play with the title. You see most of it in black, but “be” and “you” are orange. “Be You” is an even better encouragement than “Believe in Yourself”, I think. 

My reading experience

The first chapter explains what healthy self-worth looks like: You are happy with yourself, and if things do not go quite to plan, you get over it without punishing yourself. I think it is brilliant that the chapters are short. This helps when you do not feel well but want to read something to boost yourself. You could also only read the quotes and affirmations that come in black and orange boxes with lettering that changes accordingly. They are spread over the book and stand between chapters to summarise what you just learned. I felt though I would like to have a paperback version for its full effect. 

Then follows a chapter on what steps to take to boost your self-esteem. It basically summarises all tools that Jasmin Kirkbride describes in the following chapters. I loved that she made it clear that raising your self-worth is a process, not something that changes with the click of a button. It might even be that you work on it all of your life. However, it is worth it because it makes your life happier. I found that very encouraging because I am working on my self-esteem for a long, long time. 

The spark of healing is already in me. I will fan it into Flames.

Affirmation from “Believe in Yourself” by Jasmin Kirkbride

Then follow seven chapters suggesting habits you can build into your life to go from “bah” to “hah!”. They start with negative thinking and how to slowly let discouraging thoughts go. Self-deprecating thoughts are often nurtured by social media and comparing yourself to others. Chapter 4 encourages you to not go on it too often. I found this helpful even though we all know the negative impact social media can have on us nowadays. It’s good to be reminded sometimes. Kirkbride covers an introduction into Mindfulness and how sleeping and the inability to relax can affect us. Again, all three chapters are short but explain well what is going on in our brains. Here I got a little exasperated. I know all this, but often I simply can not switch the negativity off even though I keep social media under control. 

“Believe in yourself” ends with a chapter on Wellbeing and one about being ok to sometimes needing help in your self-worth development. I loved that. We still live in a society that expects us to know everything and always being “ok” and “well” no matter what happens to us. I feel the message: “It’s ok not to be ok!” needs repeating, so we learn to understand it. 

At last, she offers a conclusion on how to move forward. She suggests trying things out and finding those that work for you. 

One Book To Conquer Low Self-Esteem?

Well, it certainly isn’t the only book you need if you struggle with low self-worth. But “Believe in yourself” is an encouraging start on your self-esteem journey. I also feel it is a brilliant book to keep coming back to when you need a boost. I think it also encourages the reader to dive deeper into the psychology of low self-esteem and how to transform it. 

You like this book if…

You like this book if you are into non-nonsense self-help books that push you a little. There are no little stories and experiences shared that might distract from the steps to take. Simple explanations & suggestions peppered with affirmations and quotes. A joy to read. 

Buy “Believe in yourself” here (not an affiliate link)

You can find buying links to “Believe in yourself” here and other books by Jasmin Kirkbride here.

Good vibes your way

and remember:

You can do it!


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1 Lemon: could not read it

2 Lemons: could read it but didn’t impress

3 Lemonades: it was ok

4 Lemonades: Great Read

5 Lemonades: Incredible read, I’ll read it again

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