Rosa Enters Hokomaha (1)

Hokomaha a Shopping Story

Rosa Salaisuus left the shiny apartment block 1A for young and inexperienced Hokomaha employees at exactly 7.30 ancient human time. “I have no idea why I use this measurement,” she thought as she walked along the tiny green and yellow lane towards the enormous dome of “Hokomaha ~ You shop, we drop it anywhere”. She furrowed her brow, and her intense blue eyes got that distinct stare. “It is only the mossbacks on terra, who live in the forests of Wast Llreet, who still use this. I should not have spent so much time with the Re-educated in school”. She grabbed her tight cut yellow uniform coat with green arms tighter as it was dark here and a bit chilly.

The soundless cabs taking the employees to “The Dome”, as everyone called the main Hokomaha building, travelled alongside her in an endless procession. “Hey, newbie”, the cab driver who just flew by him shouted out of the green RX21 with yellow rimmed windows that transported most of the other first-timers along to their first day at work. “A bit lonely on the lane. Why don’t you jump in?” Rosa looked at the long face surrounded by a wild bush of green and yellow hair. The brownish eyes of the cab driver seemed empty. Rosa smiled at him and said:” No, thank you. I’d rather walk…” and thought “….. than travel in one of these. Never liked them and I don’t care if I am the only one on the street and always will be!”.

The closer Rosa got to The Dome, the warmer it got as there were more and more lights making The Dome shine like a new build advertising board. She was now descending towards the main gate for employees. To both sides of her were rows of plastic boxes with pictures of different trees alight with a mixture of green and yellow fairground glare. She sighed. “They might be mossbacks, but they sure are right about one thing. Real trees are the thing. Not these images!” She thought to herself while entering the crowds. Clean-shaven women and female first-timers in the obligatory tight fitted Hokomaha uniform. They all looked a bit like ancient robots would have looked in a time when every human lived on terra, and they were still fighting. “Mum, at last, I can come to work too and see you every day”. Rosa heard several first-timers say. “Why are they all so keen on working?” she thought and felt the pang she always felt when realising that she was an orphan. “So many times I asked my teachers. No once did they tell me what happened to my parents.” Everybody had parents! And still, some of them had not. And no one could explain why. It looked like they had sprung out of thin air. 

When entering the well lit main gate, she nearly did not understand the friendly off voice in the hall. It gave all information necessary for today’s work and for the newbies. She was in a bulk of women and female first-timers who were chatting away cheerfully:” Aunty, I share my apartment with Cindy, but I hope I can get my own soon”, one said behind her and one whispered in front of her “Am glad I am out of school ~ that camp of boredom. I want to use what I have learned there and make Hokomaha proud of me”. Rosa now could understand the voice as it repeated its message:

“Welcome day shift workers. It is another successful day for all of us. Let’s get the best out of ourselves and not forget the four cornerstones: The Avatar is King ~ An empty shelf is a bad shelf ~ I CAN work faster ~ Many workers ONE company! …

to be continued

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