Just Do It?

Hello out there, all you lovely ladies. It’s good to see you :-). Please sit down, with your favourite hot or cold drink and enjoy a moment of quiet reflection. It will be brief today :-). Last week I promised you to share a couple of my life lemons and some of the solutions . However, I have some trouble to concentrate at the moment. The sun is shining outside. The sky is light blue and some clouds are spreckled all over it. The birds are singing and nature calls me to come outside. I am trying to write this Read More

Life Lemons & Possible Solutions (free download)

Hello ladies, how are you? I hope you have lots of lemonade available instead of lemons in this incredible time. And if you lack the recipes like me then please come along for the ride to find them. 🙂 Being mindful can create action Last week, I pondered why we can’t simply be without achieving anything. I shared some of my thoughts about Mindfulness something I am practising for a couple of years. It certainly has changed my life for the better but there are some things left that I haven’t figured out yet. “Simply being” helps me to accept Read More

Can’t we just be?

Hello out there, how are you today? I hope you are well and that we can have a moment to share a cup of coffee or tea and have a chat. I know its early in the day (at least in the UK) and not everybody is up for chatting. So feel free, to come along later… Last week, I shared that I wish we would take ourselves, and what we think is an achievement, more seriously. But I wonder: “Is that just my problem?” Is it just me, who thinks that she “just does things” but doesn’t really achieve Read More

Hello out there, how are you today?

Hello out there, how are you today? I hope you are well even though it might be different. If that is the case, I wish you all the support you need. I wish we would take ourselves more seriously Sometimes I wish the question “How are you?” would be taken more seriously. I wish we would take a moment every day and check in with ourselves to find out what’s going on in our emotions and thoughts. And I wish we would take a moment to define an achievement we have reached. It does not need to be anything big. Read More