What Are You Currently Reading?

Blog Post Title 19th October 2021

Hello, reading folks out there. How are you on this lovely afternoon?

I thought today I share with you what I am currently reading and invite you to share what you are reading. Many moons ago I took part in a meme called “Teaser Tuesday” where people shared one sentence of the book they were reading. No idea, if it still exists. I did google it and followed a couple of links but they didn’t seem to lead anywhere.

I loved it because it made me curious about the books that were shared. So I thought I might start something like that myself. “Oh, here she goes again” my inner critic groans and rolls her eyes. But we ignore her for the moment.

Well, I am still reading Bjoern Natthiko Lindeblad’s “I may be wrong” in which he tells his life story. Bjoern moved to Thailand in 1992 to become a Buddhist monk in the Forest Monk Tradition. The English translation won’t be published until February 2022 but I got early access via NetGalley. Thanks to them and Bloomsbury Publishing PLC.

I needed a while to get into the book because the format is a bit difficult to read in the NetGalley app and also because I simply do not want to read that much at the moment. So I started to read one chapter every evening in bed and it is such a thought-provoking book full of humour. I am not telling you much more at this point because I will write a longer review soon.

But I want to share one sentence to make you curious:

“After twenty years of daily meditation, I’d reached a point where I no longer dozed off, I’d actually started to enjoy meditation, almost unreservedly.”

Bjoern Natthiko Lindeblad

There are so many scenes that made me chuckle and giggle but he also shares some of the wisdom he learned. It’s an absolutely lovely book and I can’t wait to finish and write the review.

Happy reading

and remember:

You can do it!


One thought on “What Are You Currently Reading?

  1. Sandee says:

    Hidden</I. by Fern Michael

    A deadly antiquity

    Few would guess that Luna and Cullan Bodman are siblings. Cullan is efficient and serious while his younger sister Luna is a free spirit. When the two launch their furniture restoration shop/café—an offshoot of the family’s antique business—in an up-and-coming arts center, little do they know their unique talents may be their only defense in a matter of life and death.

    When Luna gets a strange sense about a piece Cullan just acquired, the two find themselves uniting to solve a mystery that has far-reaching consequences—never knowing there are some who’ll stop at nothing to claim what they believe is theirs. Despite their differences, Luna and Cullan know they can rely on each other—and this time, their lives may depend on it…

    Have a fabulous day, Liz. ♥

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