When you have a book addiction…

Hello fellow book lovers and blog readers, how are you today? I wish you to have a calm and beautiful day.

A couple of weeks ago I found the perfect book addiction quote 🙂

Book quote by Diane Duane
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This quote made me laugh out loud. Even though I am not sure if Diane Duane meant to read only one book in a lifetime or only one book at a time. I am a multi-book reader. I do not post all books I read on social media, but I usually have at least three going. Especially, now that I discovered audiobooks. They are such a blessing.

I never heard of Diane Duane before today. Although, I am a huge Star Trek fan and so should know her. You do not know her either? Well, she wrote some screenplays for the Star Trek universe and several novels, as far as I understand. Apparently, the famous “Where No One Has Gone Before” which is one of the first The Next Generation episodes, is from her. And she and her husband wrote a Star Trek novel on their honeymoon. Now that is dedication!!!!

Unfortunately, I need to add two more fantasy and sci-fi series to my reading list: Diane Duane is the author of the Young Wizard series and The Middle Kingdoms series. But I suspect you knew that already 😉

That’s enough words for a wordless post. So I let you take your leave of this blog with the question: Do you read more than one book at a time?

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And if you want to know more about Diane Duane check out her page.

Happy reading

and remember:

You can do it!


6 thoughts on “When you have a book addiction…

  1. Sandee says:

    I have the same addiction and I’m happy about that.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

    • Liz Halton says:

      It is a more beneficial addiction to have. You are welcome and thanks so much for hosting it. It’s always a pleasure to read your posts and those of the other WW participants 🙂

  2. Ashley Peterson says:

    I very rarely have more than one book on the go at a time. I would have a hard time keeping track of multiple partly finished books in my head.

    • Liz Halton says:

      I can understand that. I suspect it would be the same for me if I’d read more non-fiction. At the moment I listen to fantasy books and read non-fiction which works quite well. Happy Thursday to you and yours 🙂

  3. Teagan R Geneviene says:

    Liz, what a delight to blog-meet you! I smiled at your take on books being a recipe for everything! This is a wonderful post.
    Yes, I always read more than one book at a time.

    I *love* Duane’s Young Wizard series! I tried to get a friend (who wasn’t a reader) interested in it. I told her “Before there was Harry Potter, there was Nita.”

    Oh, by the way, you had asked if my Dead of Winter series is available in audio (and I said no). I didn’t think to mention that my kindle books have the speech option enabled. You can have the Kindle read it to you. Yes, it’s a mechanical voice, but it really isn’t too bad.
    Hugs on the wing!

    • Liz Halton says:

      Hi Teagan, the delight is on my side. Lovely to see you here. Now I definitely have to read one of Diane Duane’s books. Unfortunately, I have a very old Kindle with no speech option but maybe the kindle app does it. That way I can try it. Or I simply read your books. 🙂 It’s just so much to read and so little time. Or is that just me?

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