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Post Title 2nd May 21

Hello everybody and happy Sunday despite everything. I hope you can enjoy a quiet day and if you have to work, that it is as busy or quiet as it works for you.

I apologise for all the changes and no content in the last couple of days. Not sure what drove me to try out a self-hosted WordPress page. Also, am not sure if it’s a good move. However, I am a curious person and feel it is great fun to try out new things.

So far I am not happy with the themes I have found and the Jetpack (commenting, like button, follow) integration only seems to work partially.

But there seem to be a lot of gadgets and editing options that a free or page doesn’t offer. I am learning to code and hope I can use future knowledge here. So this blog will stay a work in progress for a little while.

Do you have any suggestions, of what I should keep an eye out for? And how do you blog? Self-hosted, on a free plattform or with a paid plan on a platform?

Good vibes your way

and remember:

You can do it!


2 thoughts on “Work In Progress

  1. Ashley says:

    I’m on the business plan. It’s pricey, but I want the flexibility of being able to use plugins and stuff without the risk that I’ll break my site or not being able to get basic things working. i hope things go well with self-hosted!

    • Liz says:

      Thanks very much. I hope some coding knowledge will help me. I would like to do the WordPress plans too but they don’t offer monthly payments. Or at least I haven’t seen any. I have mentioned it to them before but never got an answer. Shame šŸ¤—šŸ˜Š

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